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We love raising and caring for all the birds on our farm. 

An Idea is Born

We just wanted a few chickens for eggs. As many know, chickens are the gateway drug to chaos. Chickens turned into ducks, ducks turned into geese, and the rest is history. People began asking us if we sell eggs, then chicks, then adult birds, which is how Hubbell Spring Farm was born.

Our First Employees

As many livestock owners know, predators can wipe your flock out in an instant. We have dealt with raccoons and a fox. This is Montana and Dakota, AKC Great Pyrenees. They are 6 months old in this picture. They have been raised with poultry since they were born in May 2015. They are Livestock Guardian Dogs and have been an asset to our farm. We love them unconditionally.


May 2016 1 year old


May 2016 1 year old

House Babies

We also have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Baxter and Bentley are 3 year old brothers.

King of the Farm

Cinnamon is our 17 year old cat who has not touched a feather on any bird here.

RIP Cinnamon---19 years old passed away in October 2019


Indian Ringneck Parrot


Alexandrine Parrot

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